1963 October, Kyosho Corporation is established (capital \ 2,300,000) in Tokyo to market models, toys and sundry goods both domestically and internationally.
1964 New paid in capital of \ 4,000,000
1967 The 330 meters squared site in Hirakawa-cho is purchased.
1968 New paid in capital of \ 8,000,000
Head Office Building is constructed (1600 meters squared/ 7 fl. & basement fl.)
1969 New paid in capital of \ 16,000,000
1970 Sales of RC cars commences in Japanese domestic market.
1976 Basic company structure established.
1978 Computer administration system introduced.
1982 Manufacturing cooperative "Kyosho Associates" established (comprising 50 companies)
1984 New paid in capital of \ 48,000,000
Atsugi site (4,000 meters squared) is purchased and international distribution network is established.
1985 New paid in capital of \ 96,000,000
1986 New paid in capital of \ 146,160,000
1987 New paid in capital of \ 521,160,000 (allocation of new shares to third party)
Relocated to new Atsugi building : 9 fl. (approx. 6000 meters squared)
1991 Sponsor "Brabham Yamaha" formula car racing team.
Site (approx 750 meters squared) adjacent to Atsugi building acquired.
1992 Production and sale of Die-Cast models commences. "Consumer Direct Parts Shipment" commences.
Sponsor "Sasol Jordan Yamaha" formula car racing team.
1993年 30 Year Foundation Anniversary. KYOSHO CUP commences.
1994 Kyosho founder, Hisashi Suzuki, appointed as Chairman.
Akihisa Suzuki appointed as President.
Mini car gallery "PIT" opens Nagata-cho (Tokyo) branch.
1995 First KYOSHO WORD CUP (Philippines)
Hisashi Suzuki appointed as Executive Consultant.
1997 Second KYOSHO WORLD CUP (Japan)
1999 Third KYOSHO WORLD CUP (Hawaii)
Mini-Z Racer sales commence : RC industry's first palm-top size RC car.
2000 Mini car gallery "PIT" opens Daikanyama (Tokyo) branch.
2001 Mini-Z Racer Formula Car Series sales commence.
Palm Runner - value version palm top size RC car sales commence.
Two leg walking RC robot: GUN WALKER series announced.
2002 6th consecutive wins for the Inferno at the IFMAR 1/8th Nitro Offroad buggy World's.
Our mini car shop "Mini Car Gallery Pit 3" in Yokohama has closed and opened a new shop in Kawasaki "La Chitta Della".
FV1000 and Caliber 30 receives model of the year award.
2003 Kyosho's 40th anniversary.
Evolva2003 wins at the 1/8th Racing Championship.
"Mini-Z Time" starts in the Kyosho Website.
"MIni-Z Time" becomes a magazine publishing starts.
2004 Kyosho conquers the Nitro touring world.
V-One RRR wins the 2004 IFMAR 1/10 Nitro touring world championships.
FW-05RR receives a satisfactory result.
Kyosho Masters in Japan.
Mini-Z Campaign on TV commercial.
2005 Kyosho Corporation of America started from April.
At RCX Show in USA, INFERNO MP777 had selected by consumers as
a prizewinner, "2005 Best Nitro Buggy Readers Choice ."
Akihisa Suzuki has appointed as Chairman.
Masayuki Suzuki has appointed as President.
2006 Opening "KYOSHO OMOTESANDO" in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo Japan.
2007 Two-legged walking robot (MANOI PF01) special preview model (limited color) released.
2008 1/43 desktop R/C ‘dNaNo’ released.
KYOSHO AKIHABARA opens in Akihabara.
2009 RC GARAGE R246 speciality store opens next to the Kyosho office building.
New performance parts brand ‘RC Planning R246’ launched.
3rd generation MINI-Z chassis ‘MR-03’ released.
‘KYOSHO Makers Okabe Jidosha RX-7’released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the MINI-Z.
Circle-K SUNKUS sales of mini cars reaches 10 million units.
MINI-Z Racer sales reach 800 thousand units.
2010 Mr. Akihisa Suzuki is appointed President and CEO of Kyosho.
New ‘Kyosho EGG’ brand is established.
‘KF-01’ GP Formula racing car is announced in conjunction with NFO race organizer. Online racing management system is launched.
2011 Kyosho develops and releases original slotcar ‘1/43 scale Dslot43’ series.
Unique R/C toy model range released under new ‘Kyosho EGG Gold Label’.
Kyosho releases new concept R/C buggy ‘EZ Series Sandmaster / NeXXt’ that can be built with a single screwdriver.
Kyosho releases signature world championship models Optima, Lazer ZX-05 and the Inferno MP9 as MINI-Z Series models.
2012 Advanced technology is incorporated in the ultra-micro motorcycle ‘Mini-Z Motor Racer’ series.
Small enough to rest on a fingertip, the MOSQUITO 3-channel R/C helicopter with built-in gyro is released.
Large 1/7 scale and aggressive driving performance of the ‘SCORPION XXL VE’ is released.
2013 60-class low-wing trainer ‘CALMATO Alpha 60 Sports EP / GP’ with detachable fuselage and main wing is released.
Quirky R/C models ‘R/C GOMIBAGO’ and ‘R/C SUGOI MOP’ create a news sensation.
The first mini car series to be sold through the convenience store channel reaches its 10th year with 63 series and 1,569 models.
Kyosho publishes commemorative magazine to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
2014 Kyosho Village opens in VenusFort, Tokyo.
2015 MINI-Z series sales reach 1.5M units, celebrating its 15th anniversary.
2016 25th anniversary of the release of Kyosho die-cast models.
(as at May 2016)