As told by the developer.
The road to creation for the Mini Inferno 09.
Successful collaboration with SIRIO.

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Jiro Higashino
Date of birth : 16 Aug 1975
Hometown : Yokohama, Kanagawa
Blood Type : O

Web Editor (Web) :
Finally the Mini Inferno has its engine. A lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for this model haven't they?

Higashino :
The idea of a half-size version of the World Champion 1/8 Inferno is popular all over the world. People were wondering how small we could make a racing buggy and maintain the Inferno's level of performance. And also I wondered if an engine version of the Half-8 could be developed. Even while I was working on the electric version in the Summer of 2004, I have had this idea. Then after releasing the electric Half-8, I received a huge number of requests for an engine version. I am very pleased to be able to respond to these requests with the world wide release of the Mini Inferno 09 on November 1st.
What was the most import thing for you in developing this engine-powered model?

Higashino :
I had to develop a model that lived up to the Inferno name. Not just in shape and structure, but everything had to be suited to the title of world's number one in performance and quality. Without performance, it couldn't be called an Inferno.

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