MINI-Z FWD manual is now ready to download from the Manual page and MINI-Z FWD product page. Now you can get the every detail of the MINI-Z FWD chassis! Instruction Manuals MINI-Z FWD

MINI-Z FWD Manual Available!   Recently updated !

A question: what does Z in MINI-Z stand for? I’ve just received a question “what does Z in MINI-Z stand for?” Good question. I’ve never thought about that. So, let’s find that out. Ishikawa-san, who is a designer of the MINI-Z, tells the story.   An answer from Ishikawa-san He […]

Did you know what “MINI-Z” stands for?

We are going to hold a photo contest starting on November 16! There is a chance of winning a MINI-Z FWD or Auto Scale Collection! Also, winning photos are featured in Kyosho’s RC catalog 2018 English version. If you have any nice pictures related to MINI-Z, please participate in the […]

MINI-Z Photo Contest Starts on Nov. 16!

New firmware (201710) for the Syncro touch KT-432PT has been released! The new firmware supports the FHSS protocol, which is compatible with the MINI-Z RWD and MINI-Z FWD chassis. You can download the new firmware from the Support page: Settings and Firmware/Software To set up the protocol to FHSS, tap […]

Syncro touch KT-432PT now supports MINI-Z RWD/FWD

We have just added “Model Comparison” page to this MINI-Z Info website. If you are not familiar with MINI-Z and need some assistance about how to choose a MINI-Z,  this page will help you find out the best MINI-Z for you. You can access the page either from the link […]

MINI-Z Model Comparison Page Just Opened!

If you are a hobby shop owner that carries the MINI-Z, please have your shop listed in the Store Locator page of this MIN-Z Info website! You can register your shop in a minute or so using this registration form page: Store Locator Registration If your shop has a MINI-Z […]

Store Locator Registration is Open!

This website will provide Mini-Z fans with vast information about Kyosho Mini-Z. This website does not contain much information yet, but will be a handy tool for your MINI-Z life soon!

New MINI-Z Information Site Just Launched!