Optional Parts for MINI-Z RWD/MINI-Z Racer

PictureItem CodeDescriptionProduct InfoManualNote
null82031Syncro EX-6R Details Manual Startup Guide
null82040MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit (MHS/ASF) Details For KT-18, EX-6, EX-6R, KO EX-2 and KO EX-RR
null82041MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit (FHSS) Details For KT-531P and KT-432PT
null82042MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit (MINI-Z T-FHSS) Details For Futaba 7PX, 7XC and 4PM
7PX, 7XC firmware version must be V4.0 or up
null82083I.C.S. USB Adapter HS Details Software for MR-03EVO
Software for MR-03VE
Software for MR-03 ASF
null82136Syncro Touch KT-432PT Details Manual
null87032Mini-Z GrandPrix Circuit 30 Short (48 pcs) Details Manual
null87031-01Mini-Z GrandPrix Circuit 30 Expansion Kit (63 pcs) Details Manual
Not available87031-02Mini-Z Grand Prix Circuit 30 Large Corner Expansion Set (12 pcs) Details Manual
null87052Mini-Z GrandPrix Circuit 50 Short (48 pcs) Details Manual
null87051-01Mini-Z GrandPrix Circuit 50 Expansion Kit (63 pcs) Details Manual
null87051-02MINI-Z GrandPrix Circuit50 Large Corner Expansion Set (12 pcs) Details Manual
null87051-03Mini-Z GrandPrix Circuit50 45 Degree Corner Expansion Set (16 pcs) Details Manual
null87051-04Mini-Z Grand Prix Circuit 50 Oval Expansion Set (32 pcs) Details Manual
nullMZ501SPSP Main Chassis Set (for MR-03/VE) Details
nullMZ603XSpeed 120 Brushless Motor (12000KV) Details
nullMZ604XSpeed 85 Brushless Motor (8500KV) Details
nullMZ605XSpeed 56 Brushless Motor (5600KV) Details
nullMZH131WMulti Offset Wheel Set II (White/RAYS RE30 Details More useful offsets are included, and white material is used for easier painting.
nullMZH131W-N0Multi Wheel II N/Offset 0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-N1Multi Wheel II N/Offset 1.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-N15Multi Wheel II N/Offset 1.5 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-N2Multi Wheel II N/Offset 2.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-N25Multi Wheel II N/Offset 2.5 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-W-1Multi Wheel II W/Offset -1.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-W0Multi Wheel II W/Offset 0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-W1Multi Wheel II W/Offset 1.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-W2Multi Wheel II W/Offset 2.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZH131W-W3Multi Wheel II W/Offset 3.0 (White/RE30/2 pcs) Details
nullMZW1Ball Bearing Set
Details Manual
nullMZW2-20High Grip Tire (20 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW2-30High Grip Tyre (30 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW2-40High Grip Tyre (40 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW2-50High Grip Tire (50 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW2-60High Grip Tire (60 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW8PXSPEED MINIZ MOTOR-V Details A high revving motor that increases maximum speed and acceleration.
nullMZW9Racing Pylon Set Details
nullMZW13BKColor Nylon Nut Black Details
nullMZW13BLColor Nylon Nut Blue Details
nullMZW13RColor Nylon Nut Red Details
nullMZW17-20Wide Tire Set (20 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW17-30Wide Tire Set (30 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW17-40Wide Tire Set (40 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW25-40Semi Wide Tire Set (40 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW25-50Semi Wide Tire Set (50 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW37-20MINI-Z Racing Radial Tire (20‹ deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW37-30MINI-Z Racing Radial Tire (30 deg/4 pcs‹) Details
nullMZW37-40MINI-Z Racing Radial Tire (40‹ deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW38-10MINI-Z Racing Radial Wide Tire (10‹ deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW38-20MINI-Z Racing Radial Wide Tire (20‹ deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW38-30MINI-Z Racing Radial Wide Tire (30 deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW38-40MINI-Z Racing Radial Wide Tire (40‹ deg/4 pcs) Details
nullMZW39-20MINI-Z Low Height Slick Tire (20 deg/4 pcs) Details Smaller radius front (narrow) tires. Milder steering characteristics enable easier driving on urethane tracks. 20 degrees. Contains 4 pcs.
nullMZW39-30MINI-Z Low Height Slick Tire (30 deg/4 pcs) Details Smaller radius front (narrow) tires. Milder steering characteristics enable easier driving on urethane tracks. 30 degrees. Contains 4 pcs.
nullMZW39-40MINI-Z Low Height Slick Tire (40 deg/4 pcs) Details Smaller radius front (narrow) tires. Milder steering characteristics enable easier driving on urethane tracks. 40 degrees. Contains 4 pcs.
nullMZW1014.5 Box Driver Details
nullMZW108Fluorine Seal (0.05x70x130mm)/for MINI-Z Details Manual
nullMZW113MINI-Z IC Tag for MR-015/MR-02/MA-010 Details
nullMZW114MINI-Z King Pin Oil (Fluorine) Details
nullMZW116Setting weight Details Manual
nullMZW118Mini-Z SP tool Set Details
nullMZW119SP Pinion Gear Set(6T/7T/8T/9T) Details
nullMZW120Mini-Z SP tool Set2 Details
nullMZW202Rear Spring Set(MR-015MM/02MM/03MM) Details
Ball Differential Set(MR-015/02/03) Details Manual
nullMZW206-1Spur Gear(for Ball Diff./MR-015/02/03) Details
nullMZW206-2Shaft(for Ball Diff./MR-015/02/03) Details
nullMZW206-3Pressure Plate(for Ball Diff.) Details
nullMZW209Titanium Ball Diff Shaft(MR-015/02/03) Details
nullMZW213Rear Spring Set(MR-015RM/02RM/03RM) Details
nullMZW220-1Friction Shock Spring(for MM type/4 Pcs) Details
nullMZW301XSPEED MINI-Z MOTOR-V (2.4GHz/ICS) Details
nullMZW302Ball Diff. Set (MR-02LM/03LM) Details Manual
nullMZW302-1Shaft(for Ball Diff./MR-02LM/03LM) Details
nullMZW303Aluminum Motor Heat Sink (for MR-02LM) Details
nullMZW304Titanium Ball Diff Shaft(MR-02LM/03LM) Details
nullMZW305Aluminum Shock Stay(for LM Motor Case/ST Details Manual
nullMZW306Aluminum Shock Stay(for LM Motor Case/Fr Details Manual
nullMZW307Aluminum Friction Post(MR-03 LM/MR-02 LM Details Manual
nullMZW308Ball Differential Set Ⅱ(MR03LM) Details
nullMZW309MJ Aluminum Motor Mount (LM) Details
nullMZW310Inner Tube Roll Shock Set(for MZW309) Details
nullMZW401Front Spring Set(for MR-03) Details
nullMZW402Setting Tie Rod set(for MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW403Carbon Rear Suspension Plate Set(MM/LM Details Manual
nullMZW404Carbon Rear Suspension Plate Set(RM/HM Details Manual
nullMZW405Gyro Unit Set(for MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW406SP Stainless Upper Sus. Shaft(for MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW407SP Stainless King Pin Ball (for MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW408Titanium Screw Set(for MR-03) Details
nullMZW409FRP Rear Sus. Plate Set (0.6/MM/LM/MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW409HFRP Rear Sus. Plate(0.6/Hard/MM/LM/3pcs/MR-0 Details
nullMZW409MFRP Rear Sus. Plate(0.6/Medium/MM/LM/3pcs/MR Details
nullMZW409SFRP Rear Sus. Plate (0.6/Soft/MM/LM/3pcs/MR- Details
nullMZW410FRP Rear Sus. Plate Set (0.5/RM/HM/MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW410HFRP Rear Sus. Plate(0.5/Hard/RM/HM/3pcs/MR-0 Details
nullMZW410MFRP Rear Sus. Plate(0.5/Medium/RM/HM/3pcs/MR Details
nullMZW410SFRP Rear Sus. Plate(0.5/Soft/RM/HM/3pcs/MR-0 Details
nullMZW411BFriction Shock Set(MM/LL/MR-03/MR-02ASF) Details Manual
nullMZW411-1Small Parts Set(MM/for Friction Shock) Details
nullMZW411-2Friction Plate Set(MM/3L/MR-03/MR-02AFS) Details
nullMZW411B-3Alminum Shock Stay(for MM Motor Case/Fri Details
nullMZW412SP Long King Pin Ball Set (MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW412-1Collar Set of Long King Pin Ball (MR-03) Details
nullMZW413Hard Fluorine Coat 4.7mm Ball (MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW414Cir Clip & Spacer Set (MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW415Aluminum Upper Arm Set(MR-03)
nullMZW415-014.7mm Ball & Spring Holder Set(for Alum Details
nullMZW416Inner Tube Shock Set (MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW416-01Plastic Parts Set(Inner Tube Shock/MR-03 Details
nullMZW417Metal Servo Gear(4th)for MR-03 Details Manual
nullMZW418Aluminum Friction Mount(for HM/MR-03/MR- Details
nullMZW418-25Al Friction Mount Collar(2.5mm/Blue/4pcs Details Manual
nullMZW418-30Al Friction Mount Collar (3.0mm/Red/4pcs Details Manual
nullMZW418-35Al Friction Mount Collar(3.5mm/Green/4pc Details Manual
nullMZW418-40Al Friction Mount Collar(4.0mm/Gold/4pcs Details Manual
nullMZW419BFront Upper Brace Set II(MR-03 Narrow Details Manual
nullMZW420BFront Upper Brace Set II(MR-03Wide Tread Details Manual
nullMZW421Under Floor Reinforcement Set(MR-03) Details Manual
nullMZW422Scramble Flasher(for Rx Unit w/ChaseMode Details Manual
nullMZW423Front Spring Set(Soft/Short/MR-03) Details
nullMZW425Friction Shock Set(for HSV) Details
nullMZW426-78Front Bumper Set(for GT Car/W=78/M-Type) Details Manual
nullMZW426-80Front Bumper Set(for GT Car/W=80/L-Type) Details Manual
nullMZW427-0King Pin Coil Upper Sus. Plate(03N/0 Degree) Details Manual
nullMZW427-15King Pin Coil Upper Sus. Plate(03N/1.5 Degrees) Details Manual
nullMZW428-0King Pin Coil Upper Sus. Plate(03W/0 Degree) Details Manual
nullMZW428-15King Pin Coil Upper Sus. Plate(03W/1.5 Degrees) Details Manual
nullMZW429RLED Light Clear&Red(for MINI-Z Sports ) Details Manual
nullMZW430Friction Shock Set(Carbon/RM) Details
nullMZW431Gyro unit set(forMR-03S2/MA-020S/MV-01S) Details
nullMZW432MINI-Z Rear Oil Shock Set(Black/MZW207) Details Manual
nullMZW432-01O-Ring&Diaphragm Set(3pcs/for Oil Shock Details
nullMZW433Hard Front Suspension Arm. Set(for MR-03 Details Glass fiber reinforced front suspension arms for the MR-03.
nullMZW434MJ Aluminum Motor Mount (MMⅡ) Details
nullMZW435Friction Shock Set (Carbon/MMⅡ) Details
nullMZW436Ball Differential SetⅡMR03MM/MMⅡ/RM/HM Details
nullMZW437FRP Rear Sus. Plate Set(0.5/MR03MM/LM/MM2) Details
nullMZW438FRP Rear Sus. Plate Set(0.6/MR03RM/HM) Details
nullMZW439RLED Light Clear&Red(for ICS connector) Details
nullMZW441Aluminum Shock Mount(MM/RM/MR-03) Details
nullMZW442Inner Tube Pitching Shock(MR-03MM/LM/MM2) Details
nullMZW443Inner Tube Pitching Shock(MR03RM) Details
nullMZW501Xspeed VE ECO Tune Brushless Motor Details
nullMZW502Aluminum Brushless Motor Sleeve Details
nullMZW503Xspeed VE PRO Brushless Motor(12000KV) Details High power 12,000 KV brushless motor for the Mini-Z VE sereis.
nullMZW2015MMMR-03 Circuit Pack(MM/Rear Tiye:Wide) Details