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A question: what does Z in MINI-Z stand for? I’ve just received a question “what does Z in MINI-Z stand for?” Good question. I’ve never thought about that. So, let’s find that out. Ishikawa-san, who is a designer of the MINI-Z, tells the story.   An answer from Ishikawa-san He […]

Did you know what “MINI-Z” stands for?

New firmware (201710) for the Syncro touch KT-432PT has been released! The new firmware supports the FHSS protocol, which is compatible with the MINI-Z RWD and MINI-Z FWD chassis. You can download the new firmware from the Support page: Settings and Firmware/Software To set up the protocol to FHSS, tap […]

Syncro touch KT-432PT now supports MINI-Z RWD/FWD